Am Samstag, den 13.08.2005, 16:25 +0200 schrieb E. Frerich:
> >   workflow      - Workflow (this is valid in german. Prozess or
> other
> > things don't mean the technical term of workflow)
> -1 If we have a german word (that is Arbeitsablauf) we should use it.)
We do have a lot of german words for it. But I don't think it fits the
role here.
> >   template      - Vorlage (instead of Schablone)
> -1
> In my opinion Schablone is better. Schablone is a form which is
> filled.
<disclaimer>The following reasoning has nothing to do how (page)
templates work</disclaimer>

Templates are no forms that are filled. They rather act as a kind of
role model (for which Vorlage is the better word). Additionally
"Schablone" is intuitively less used than "Vorlage". Also: In other
software, Office as a bad example, it is called "Vorlage" as well.
> Schablone was the agreed term when we discussed the translation some
> times ago.  

That would be a reason to stick with it if we don't want to rediscuss.


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