Christian Theune wrote:
> waiting for some unit tests I saw that mail and went over the terms in
> there. I don't know the state of discussion but I'd prefer some
> different terms:

Thanks for your comments, Christian. I wonder if this is the right place
to discuss. Maybe a comment to the wiki page would have been nicer
because the discussion is then right next to the items that are to be

I was also thinking about creating a zope-i18n mailinglist. I will soem
day need to manage the herd of translators that have signed up through
Rosetta. The Launchpad system unfortunately does not provide a way to
spread messages around within a team; one of the few missing features
I've found in that otherwise great system.

>   attribut(e) - Attribut (instead of Merkmal)

Agreed. Feel free to change that.

>   bundle        - Paket (instead of Buendel)

That's one of the words I removed.

>   log           - (Ereignis)Protokoll (instead of log)

Agreed. In fact, I think that's already used in the actual transation.

>   layer         - Schicht (instead of Ebene)

"Ebene" ist the one commonly used when translating "layer" in graphics
software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

>   workflow      - Workflow (this is valid in german. Prozess or other
> things don't mean the technical term of workflow)

Ok. I've actually found "Arbeitsabläufe" quite fitting. But you're right
that we sometimes use the word in German. I have no problem with not
translating this word, but then we should ask ourselves whether other
commonly used words should be translated at all:

  - skin

  - site

  - ...

In those cases we'd also have to decide on a gender... die Site, der
Site, das Site?

> Some terms that I'm not satisfied with but really can't find a better
> translation:
>    dotted name     - gepunkteter Name
>    skin            - Anzeigeform
>    site            - Webplatz

Heh, interesting. I agree with skin and site, and coincidentally those
are the ones I put up for discussion whether they should be translated
at all or not...

> Typos:
>    Regist(r)ierung 

It's a wiki, feel free to fix :).

> Other things I found:
>    property versus attribute. 
>      This seems as similar in English as in German. I don't think we 
>      should use both terms. (Is there a good distinction between those?)

I don't think that there is a big distinction even in English. And since
we don't have one in German (it's all Attribut AFAIK), we shouldn't make

By the way, I've been meaning to write a style guide regarding user
messages and i18n. Because good translations don't start with the
translators. Good translations start with good and meaningful messages
in English and appropriate message ids.

>    code -> Code, but: source code -> Quelltext

Are you criticizing this or suggesting to translate like this?

> Just for discussion ... I'll change the (to me) obvious things later if
> no negative feedback arises.

In another email you wrote on Schablone vs. Vorlage:

> Templates are no forms that are filled. They rather act as a kind of
> role model (for which Vorlage is the better word). Additionally
> "Schablone" is intuitively less used than "Vorlage". Also: In other
> software, Office as a bad example, it is called "Vorlage" as well.

You are right about Page Templates being a role model and not forms or
anything. That is exactly why I think Schablone is a better word and not

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