Fred Drake wrote:
On 8/18/05, Shane Hathaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

My use case for macro extension is as follows: a third party provides a
complex macro I'd like to reuse as a macro, but I want to replace only
certain slots in my macro.  I need my macro to offer all of the slots
that the base macro offers, with only a few exceptions.

That remains the case with the proposed change.

Ok. It takes a while to twist my brain back into a mode that understands this stuff. Your solution adds capabilities without taking any away. +1.

Perhaps the define-macro/use-macro combination should be replaced with
something like define-macro/extends-macro (and the former once more
disallowed), and keep the change from the proposed patch.

Now that I see this better, I'll retract my suggestion to change the syntax. I think it works fine as-is. You can re-introduce the suggestion as your own, if you like. ;-)

Where is the proposed patch?

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