On 8/18/05, Shane Hathaway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Ok.  It takes a while to twist my brain back into a mode that
> understands this stuff.  Your solution adds capabilities without taking
> any away.  +1.

Cool!  Thanks for helping think about this.

> Now that I see this better, I'll retract my suggestion to change the
> syntax.  I think it works fine as-is.  You can re-introduce the
> suggestion as your own, if you like. ;-)

I'll do that.  In particular, I propose:

1. The macro extension feature be associated with a new METAL
attribute, extend-macro.  This must be used only in conjunction with

2. The define-macro/use-macro combination will become disallowed once more.

3. The METAL specification must be revised to reflect these changes. 
There are no backward compatibility issues for Zope 3.1.

This needs to be done for Zope 3.1.0c2.

> Where is the proposed patch?

It's attached to issue 440 in the collector:



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