Alec Munro wrote:
Perhaps this is intended behaviour, but if you create an instance of

AFAIK, InternalPrincipal is not part of a public API,
so you shouldn't do that ... but ...

> and then attempt to iterate over it, it will
infinitely return None.

The following code does the trick:

from import InternalPrincipal
joe = InternalPrincipal("joe", "123", "Joe")
for key in joe:
    print key

It took me a while to track this down, and now that I know what it is,
I'm sure I can work around it, but I thought it would be worth
bringing up. Here is InternalPrincipal's __getitem__

    def __getitem__(self, attr):
        if attr in ('title', 'description'):
            return getattr(self, attr)

This is bad.  It doesn't seem to be used by anything/
I've removed this from the trunk and will remove it from
the 3.1 branch soon.

Thanks for pointing this out.


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