Garrett Smith wrote:
From the looks of the z/a/file/File code, viewing a file will cause all of the 
file contents to be loaded into memory (specifically, I'm looking at line 45 of 

Is there a way to provide a file-like object (no pun intended, i.e. something 
with streaming capabilities) to the response rather than a single block of 

Yes, this *should* be possible.  File would need to grow a method to
get at the underlying chunk data, and a view would need to be provided that
used request.response.write to output the data.  Christian Theune and I
looked at this in early 2004 and, at the time, though, there seemed to
be a pub in the publisher that would have prevented this from being useful.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the details.  At the time, it wasn't important
enough to fix, but it's too bad that it hasn't been fixed by now.

There are 2 developments looming that would affect this:

1. ZODB is growing Blob support.  This will both provide much better
   handling of fairly large files at the ZODB lavel and suggests a more
   file-like API.

2. I'd really like to look at making the publisher more WSGI friendly
   for 3.2.  In particular, I'd like to provide a way for a published
   object to provide an iterator that could be served efficiently, rather
   than using response.write. In fact, I'd like to deprecate response.write.

I'd be happy to help with this if someone wants to work on it.


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