On 8/22/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > - Food For Thought
> Another way of writing this idiom might be 'Things We Ought to Think
> About' or 'Questions for Later'.
> > - Zope Stub Server Controller
> Let's see--grep tells me that the string is in ./src/zope/app/
> applicationcontrol/browser/server-control.pt.  A "stub" in this
> context is a short, incomplete version of something.  "Stub" implies
> we need more.  A similar title that does not have the same
> implication would be "Zope Basic Server Controller".
> A server controller let's you control a server.  In this case, the
> page lets you shut down or restart the Zope server.

Ok, thanks !

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