On 8/24/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hopefully you can see where I would get my interpretation, though.


> ZODB catalog story has compelling advantages over an RDBMS catalog,
> in addition to disadvantages.

I'm sure they do, although I'm not immediately aware of them (I would
be interested to hear them though).

> > As Florent pointed out, you may want to do typical aggregational stuff
> > on meta data I personally thing the right way to o that is by indexing
> > them in a catalog that supports that, like for example a relation
> > database. :-)
> I suppose.  This doesn't strike me as hugely compelling--until
> someone explains to me why it wouldn't be, it seems like it would be
> easy to implement these sorts of features efficiently in a ZODB-based
> catalog if someone cared enough.

I agree it should in any case be implemented by extending the
ZODB-based catalog to have these features, so that you can do this

> > I also agree with what I think Gary is trying to say: We should NOT
> > try to store as much stuff as possible in a relational database.
> Cool.  I'll expand your summary of my email to say that a relational
> database should not be required for a shared "enterprise CMS"
> project, but RDBMS-based components, and transparent O/R backends
> like Ape, should be configurable options.  From other parts of your
> mail, it seems you might agree with that too.  I hope so.

Absolutely. In fact, I think one of the compelling things with Zope
has been it's ease of installation, because it is reasonably
self-contained, as it includes it's own dedicated database that does
not require any separate complicated setup.

The idea that you with a normal install exe file can install an
enterprise CMS on you windows machine to check it out is a *huge*
plus, and a serious hyping-point.

The enterprise CMS should not require a RDBMS. It should however be a
question of configuration if you want to use one for the parts where
it makes sense.

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