Dieter Maurer wrote:
Martijn Faassen wrote at 2005-8-24 12:27 +0200:

Underfeatured query API

Fast, easy batching/sorting

You may have a look at "AdvancedQuery"


It uses Python classes to contruct queries with "&" ("and"), "|" ("or")
and "~" ("not") out of elementary classes.

It solves the batching "problem" by means of lazy sorting.
This way, you can use any batching, the catalog does not need
to know about it.

Thanks for the link. I think that I, without knowing much about advanced query, implemented something quite similar for Zope 3, without all the cool features like lazy sorting. :)

I definitely will look at AdvancedQuery when I have time, seeing whether we can port this (or concepts in it).

I need to figure out the lazy sorting concept too and how to port it to the Zope 3 catalog... I see elsewhere in the thread you also mention it supports a simple form of joins, which is also very interesting.


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