concerning perspectives, what would be the use cases? I talked with
Eric, we came up with:

activity-driven perspectives:
- browsing perspective (going through folders, finding documents, ..)
- dashboard perspective (tasks list, documents to review, etc..)
- collaboration perspective (diffing content, svn, synchronising
content, etc)
- contributing perspective (document creation, publication, ..)
- ...

=> it is the application / workflow that sets the perspective

location-based perspectives:
- when entering a given section of the site, a new set of portlets is
displayed in some of the page's slots
- the user's home folder/ perspective with the ability to rearrange
portlets within some limits.

=> it is the site location that sets the perspective

the roles would be divided in:
- theme / page designer (responsible for preserving the site's design,
corporate profile, logotype, etc..).
- content designer (responsible for adding portlet content to the site
using images, text, putting ads on the front page, etc)
- perspective / UI designer (responsible for visually placing  activity
portlets inside a given application, action portlets, navigation
portlets) --- the configuration would be saved in zcml as part of the
- user (wants to re-arrange portlets on the work space / create new
portlets cf. google news portal)

any comment / ideas?


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