On Thu, 2005-08-25 at 14:32 -0400, Gary Poster wrote:

> > see what he thinks.  I wonder how "lite" the component kernel can go.
> The only thing I have in mind is the interface package, which is what  
> Twisted uses.  That's all we would need.  zope.component needs  
> zope.interface, zope.testing, and zope.exceptions, according to its  

Right.  Well in this case we would provide just a very simple interface
facade that had no effect when run in an environment with no
zope.interface (ie, catch the ImportError, null-out the facade) or hook
into zope.interface if it is available.  This way rdflib can be still be
used with or without zope.interface.

> > In the mean time the adapters can live inside Zemantic, which is an
> > rdflib to zope bridge anyway.  Let me know if you want to send  
> > patches,
> > otherwise I'll probably get around to adding functionality like this
> > soon.
> I'm actually interested in trying to hook this up, but have very  
> limited time.  I might play with it just within RDFLib alone during  
> some hobby time tonight, but otherwise may  need to toss this off to  
> you if you'll catch it.
> I also kind of want to hear Dan's reaction before I spend too much time.

#redfoot on freenode is a good place to catch him, and me.

> I thought I read that an RDF triad was itself something that could be  
> a node in another RDF triad, but I can't find that anywhere now.  Can  
> you confirm or deny? :-)

Yes, it's called reification, making a statement about a statement.





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