On 8/26/05, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I just saw this being changed in the wiki (by Fred Drake):
>    the new zope.formlib. - -- Reimplement file objects (for
>    Zope 2 or Zope 3 to take advantage of the new 'zope.formlib'

I just tweaked the wording a bit and added the missing ")"; someone
else added the item (Jim?).

> I'm curious to hear what this is about. I've been dealing with file
> widgets in particular a lot recently and have some input on it:

This sounds completely separate.  :-)  You're referring to the widget,
and the item above refers to the zope.app.file.File content object.

I generally agree with you about file widgets; they're not in great
shape.  Roger Ineichen did some work on this on a branch, but I've not
had time to review it.  I don't recall whether he was attempting to
address all of the issues you mention.

> I've already solved the validation feedback form problem by storing
> files in a session temporarily. This isn't efficient, but I *also*
> developed something that will lick that problem and that I'll present in
> a lightning talk at the Plone conference.

I look forward to hearing about it, but won't be at the Plone conference myself.

> I'll happily share all that I have, and this mail is just to prevent
> work is inadvertently duplicated. Probably you meant to work on
> something else, but I figured I'd make sure.

Yes, the work sounds distinct from what's described in that item in
the wiki, but that's not to say Zope 3 doesn't need what you're
describing.  Thanks for letting us all in on what you're up to!


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