Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote:

Somehow related to the discussion on optimizing catalog queries, I have
been thinking about how to best implement local portlets in cpsskins in
terms of scalability, performance and functionality. The implementation
is heavily dependent on being able to performance effective catalog
queries (it is OK to wait 2 seconds in an ECMS to search 1 million
documents, but it is not OK to have to wait 2 seconds to render a page
containing portlets).

Here is the proposal:

It is built on the notion of "Perspective" (see the link) and on the
idea of querying the catalog using triadic relations instead of joining
sets of query results based on dyadic predicates (such as with RDF).

I'd like to make some substantive comments on the proposal.  My initial
reaction is that the solution proposed is very complex and I'm not at all
clear about the problem it solves. :)

I think I need to understand how themes work in CPS skins.  In particular,
I need to understand the relationships between themes, pages, sections,
cells, global portlets and local portlets.  Your proposal is based on
but doesn't really describe most of these concepts.  Can you recommnd
some documentation?


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