Hi Johan,

why are you trying to misuse the system so hard? Can you provide us with your 
original use case?

On Tuesday 16 August 2005 18:23, Johan Carlsson wrote:
> 1. Resources gets registered as adapters in the Global Site Manager.


> 2. The adapter is registerd to adapt from the current layer interface
> (defaults to IDefaultBrowserLayer) to the Interface interface (strange,
> why is that so I wounder?)

The Interface interface is just the default. Sometimes you want views to 
provide other interfaces.

> 3. The layer interface I can look up byt calling:
> zapi.getUtility(ILayer, 'my_layer')
> Ok, fine. So from my View class I try the following:
>          gsm=zapi.getGlobalSiteManager()
>          layer = zapi.getUtility(ILayer, 'my_test')
>          adapter=gsm.queryAdapter(layer, Interface, 'test_me.html')

This will not work, because layer is the actual layer interface. However, 
queryAdapter expects an object that provides the layer interface. This object 
is usually known as the request.

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