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Ok I just changed the version number to correct the problem.

I'll try to read the previous discussions you mentionned below.



Fred Drake wrote:
> On 8/29/05, Julien Anguenot <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>The reason is not explained within the logs ??
> That particular change was because I'd managed to add the version
> number back accidentally; it had previously been removed (I think by
> Stephan Richter).
>>The problem is when you have the following installed :
> ...
>>I think this changeset made the problem appear :
> I'm skeptical of that, though.
> Regardless of the revision that caused the problem, the problem
> specifically is that there's more than one place where the Python
> executable is named.  Ideally, there should be only one place, but
> that doesn't work well with the sh-bang lines in Unix scripts.  :-(
> The "right way" to spell the name of the Python executable has been
> discussed extensively at various times, and its not clear to me that
> we've ever reached a real conclusion.  There are actually two issues:
> 1.  How should we spell the Python executable in a checkout?
> 2.  How should we spell the Python executable in an installation?
> The "ideal" way to do the later is likely platform specific (Windows
> v. Unix again; I don't know if Mac OS X really introduces a third
> variant or not).
> The specific case you cite is checkout-specific, however, so platform
> is irrelevant; you get what's in the checkout.
> The version number was initially added to the spelling of the Python
> executable to ensure that the right version was selected; this was
> done before Python 2.4 was available.  At this point, there are more
> acceptable versions (2.3.5 and 2.4.x), and it's even common for
> python2.3 not to be installed by default (which I suspect was why the
> Makefile was modified).  Python 2.3 certainly wasn't installed on my
> Ubuntu system until I added a local installation fairly recently.
> What the right thing is needs to be considered again.  Changing the
> Makefile back to specify python2.3 is acceptable, I think, because we
> do still require compatibility with Python 2.3.5.  It's not ideal, but
> we're not likely to agree on what's ideal for a checkout anyway, even
> for Unix users.
>   -Fred

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