Stephan Richter wrote:
On Monday 29 August 2005 15:30, Gary Poster wrote:

We'll be doing some work on the widget/schema code at the Rivah sprint, Thursday and Friday this week. This email identifies the possible tasks, and proposes the actual choice of work (short answer: potentially all but the biggest, and last, 2). Interested parties are invited to comment and suggest, whether or not you plan to be at the Rivah sprint.

I am open for any of them. However, I would be most interested in writing proposals on things that we want to get implemented in the near future, i.e. for Zope 3.2.

I thought you and I would work on publisher-related topics.

> We will have a unique combination of developers there, since
all of the participants I know of have significant Zope 3 experience. If all developers there agree on an approach, it is very unlikely that anyone will have issues.

Lots of people have a stake in the widget framework, especially Garrett.

> On the other hand, I realize that writing proposals is a very,
very dry and boring task for a sprint.

But sprints are a good place to brainstorm.  One topic I'd like to
brainstorm is the last stage of the publishing process.  Now,
we don't have a formal publishing interface. Informally, an object is
called and returns something. I'd like to flesh this out a bit more. :)
I'd also like to make it possible to plug in additional processing, for
example to provide site look at feel.


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