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Tonico Strasser wrote:

Jean-Marc Orliaguet schrieb:

yes, this is the ZPT way of doing it :-)

Yes, I find ZPT is very suited for this stuff becuase it has that slot
thing. That wouldn't be possible with e.g. DMTL I think. Do CPSSkins
support other template languages than ZPT?


python is supported, xml/xslt is supported, DTML, C, ... as long as some
method can be called and provide some data that makes sense for a
filter. This is not the case by the way with ZPT fill-slot macros, you
can't just render a "fill-slot" without having the corresponding


Do you render individual HTML snippets first and assemble the whole page before sending it to the requester? Or how do you generate the markup?

If yes, I mean something different. I think I would love a Python wrapper for Page Templates that can assemble *macros* from different templates provide them with names and render the main template only once. (Wait, that is already possible, isn't it?)

That would solve most of my use cases. But I will stop my comments now because I have to think more about it first ;)


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