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It would be helpful if someone could explain the motivations behind
the extent catalog, by the way -- this information seems to be missing in zc.catalog. Am I at all on the right track with my thinking on it?

It should be pointed out initially that the son-of-queued-catalog
code doesn't have anything to do with extents.  I think Jim wants
that factored out when we have time so that can be a mix-and-match capability. I think you are asking about extents themselves, though.

Okay, I didn't realize yet glancing at this that this is *also*
son-of-queued catalog. Interesting. I'll glance at it some more. :)

Actually, it isn't.  I should have thought to menion this earlier.
This code just provides a within-transaction queue, so that multiple
modifications to an object within a transaction cause only one indexing

Queued catalog uses a persistent queue to allow a separate dedicated
thread to do indexing to reduce conflicts and to provide greater aggregation
of index operations to reduce database writes.  Queued catalog needs to
be ported still. It *also* needs some repair to a bug in it's queue
conflict-resolution algorithm to improve it's effectiveness. Tests
wouldn't hurt either. :)


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