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| PageTemplates know two different modes, HTML4 mode and XML mode:

| So, instead of proposing to radically get rid of HTML4 mode, I propose this:
| - XML mode of ZPT becomes the standard mode.
| - We keep HTML4 mode around as long people need it, but it's not the
| standard mode. The switch whether to use XML or HTML4 mode is done via
| ZCML and not some sniffing in the PageTemplate contents.


| Yes, I realize that this will suddenly introduce the requirement that
| all templates need to carry namespace declarations. I think that's a
| good thing. They're not dead chickens. Namespace declarations are
| meaningful and useful and they're what XML-capable people and tools are
| used to. To sum it up: it's the spec. I've always found it much harder
| to explain why Zope wouldn't support the spec in this or that particular
| case than just sticking with the spec in such cases.

I'm all too familiar with arguments of this form ("but the spec says
to do it that way and we aren't").  I, for one, am almost always in
favor of adhering to specifications and doing things right.  I think
it would be beneficial to encourage the use of XHTML this way.


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