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Am 31.08.2005 um 10:25 schrieb Jean-Marc Orliaguet:

Hi !

I have been thinking about Jim's question: "why do you need relations?".
Some obvious answers came first others emerged later on, now I think
that most of them are emerged, so I'll try to summarize them by order of
importance (to me):

I'm in support of most of your points, although I do not see that the catalog is actually proposed as an alternative. Jim's suggestions were more directed to store things in each other. Or reference them somehow, but not by an indirection with a central index.

Thanks Janko. :)

My intuition is that if you store "things in each other" you have
implicitly created an index as soon as the objects get cataloged.

I don't see how.  You only have indexes for the information that gets
cataloged. Janko summarized my position very well.

I'll note that I'm not opposed to "relations".  I'm not even opposed
to a centralized store for relations.  I am inclined to limit their use
to where they are needed and in leveraging the component architecture
to make it easy to change one's mind.


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