Jim Fulton wrote:

A change in style, if applied everywhere can lead to massive
code changes.  This can have serious downsides.  If people
are working on branches, where most new work should be done,
then  merging is made more difficult.  People who read the checkins
have a lot of extra code to review for a small benefit.
(I don't read the checkins regularly myself and really *really*
*REALLY* appreciate the efforts of folks that do and don't
want to make their job harder.)

OTOH, consistent style is beneficial. :)

I'm interested in hearing what people think about this in general.
Should we make far reaching code changes to enforce a consistent
style?  Or should we update style when making other changes?
I tend to do the later.  I think that the developers of Python
prefer that changes like this be made more gradually. They've
been burned by mass changes in the past.


Consistent style is very important and IMO it's great that some code-cleaner look after 'none-stylish' code. It might just a problem of timing that code-refactorer and code-cleaner don't hurts each other. Perhaps we just have to separate cleaning and merging periods more explicitly.


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