On Thursday 01 September 2005 05:10, Steve Alexander wrote:
> I found that this didn't work, because only the characters [a-zA-Z0-9_]
> are allowed.  You can find the regex on line 27 of
> zope/tales/expressions.py.
>   namespace_re = re.compile('(\w+):(.+)')
> I propose to extend this to allow the '-' character too.


> Any objections to this?


> Are there any other characters that should be included?

probably, but let's be conservative about it. We effectively could allow 
anything that is allowed in a regular URL path segment minux ":". 

> Do any specifications need changing?

I don't think so. If the directory the code is in has any TXT files you might 
want to read through them making sure that the characters are not mentioned 

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