Martijn Faassen wrote: [quotes reordered]
- for an add form, if something goes wrong and the form is redisplayed with some validation errors, the uploaded file information is lost. This is bad because for a required file field, it requires multiple uploads where one should suffice, and for a non-required file field, it's even worse, as a user would have no motivation to re-upload the same file after validation failure and redisplay of the form, resulting in no file being uploaded at all.
> I've already solved [this] problem by storing
> files in a session temporarily. This isn't efficient, but I *also*
> developed something that will lick that problem and that I'll present in
> a lightning talk at the Plone conference.

Yes that's a generic HTTP problem, and you *have* to use some kind of session to deal with it. There's no way around.


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