Andreas Reuleaux schrieb:
On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 06:58:42PM +0200, Tonico Strasser wrote:

... What's your point?

Well, from reading your conversation with Philipp I got the
impression, that you wanted to say something like
"XML-Mode in PTs respectively XHTML is useless if served with
the wrong MIME type" --- You did not use the term "useless"
so I might have overinterpreted what you wrote, sorry for that.

I want to point out that if XML mode is the *default* mode for page templates in Zope 3, everything that does not override the mime type will be served as XML. (That's the current behaviour, it might change in the future?). At least we would need to be able to trigger HTML mode.

Fact is, that XML-Mode in PTs / XHTML is *not* made useless
by any MIME-Type, the MIME-Type application/xhtml+xml is just another way of assuring your XHTML is correct.

See above. I'm not saying that pages in XML mode are useless.

Basically you are free to choose any method that helps
you write valid XHTML pages:
* that can be Zope's XML-Mode for PTs
* that can just as well be external validation
* or that can be the browser, that is unforgiving
  if serverd application/xhtml+xml

But if your XHTML is valid (e. g. if you have checked your page at then application/xhtml+xml won't show you any
additional otherwise hidden mistakes.

Not mistakes, but there is a huge difference IMHO:
Pages are parsed as XML not as HTML

The onliest thing that can make your XHTML useless is doctype
switching, say a wrong doctype or a bug that causes IE to go into
quirks mode (mentioned before).


PS: I have also just read your second answer to my E-mail and
I am glad you could make some sense of it.



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