Fred Drake wrote:
Ugh, the problem is in new at line 24:


'src' directory now appended at the end of the sys.path and old version of
ZConfig had been imported by zpgsetup.

This is surprising.  The sys.path.insert(0, ...) line (which you
removed) was intended to avoid the append.  Your solution should
result in the same sys.path.

Before the fix (rev. 38239):

  ['buildsupport', ..., 'src']

After the fix:

  ['src','buildsupport', ...]

Are you running on Unix/Linux, or Windows?  Tim did notice a problem
that was fixed by setting up sys.path differently when using the zpkg
command-line tool as well, but that was very specific to how Python
sets up sys.path when running a script.


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