On Tue, Sep 06, 2005 at 09:08:02AM +0100, Chris Withers wrote:
| Sidnei appears to be broken :-(
| Any idea how to reach him?

Odd. I've been receiving email normally.

| Sidnei da Silva wrote:
| > 
| > That smells to me like we need a mime-type negotiator or something,
| > pretty much like we have a language negotiator for deciding which
| > language to use for translations.
| No really, all this thread seems to have really uncovered so far is that 
| macros in different ZPT modes are currently reported as incompatible.

Correct, but the mime-type issue is a real issue too.

| Are they really? Should they be?
| mime-type negotiation and the like seems like an app level thing, or at 
| the very least the responsibility of a different component. Page 
| Templates should be kept as clean and simple as possible, that way 
| they'll be much mroe generically useful...

Yes, it's an app-level thing. I've never said in my email that it
should be at the page template level.

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