[Uwe Oestermeier]
>> I noticed that the bin/mkzeoinstance script is broken and returns
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "./mkzeoinstance", line 40, in ?
>>     from ZEO.mkzeoinst import ZEOInstanceBuilder

[Fred Drake]
> As Tim mentioned, this was a side effect of various changes in how
> ZODB was being packaged.  I've restructured the relevant bits in ZODB;
> we hope to have the fixed version propogated into the Zope 3 sources
> this afternoon.
> Thanks for pointing this out!

I made an internal release of ZODB 3.5.1b1 (with Fred's changes) and
stitched it into Zope3/branches/Zope-3.1.  Zope3 3.1's
bin/mkzeoinstance seems to work now, but I never used this Zope3
script before, so it would be good if someone who has tried it.

An internal release of ZODB 3.6.0a2 with the same changes is in
progress for the Zope3 trunk
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