[Stephan Richter]
> I just learned that we need to have a Zope 3.1 RC 3 release. I know that some
> people found bugs, so please check in fixes into the branch in the next
> couple of days.
> Gary, does the pytz problem affect the branch?

I ran all the tests on the 3.1 branch today after stitching ZODB
3.5.1b1 into it.  They all passed (Windows).  I bumped into the trunk
test failure after doing a similar thing to Zope3 trunk (stitching
ZODB 3.6.0a2 into it).

OTOH, the "passing" version of this test on 3.1 branch verifies that a
time zone named "EST" gets name "CST", and gets an offset appropriate
for CST.  IOW, when this test passes, it's guaranteeing that that the
EST time zone doesn't work correctly in any respect ;-)
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