On Sep 7, 2005, at 9:13 AM, Florent Guillaume wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

I think that sources are different than initial value. I really don't
see any role that "initial value" has in an object specification.
A schema is a specification for an object that provides the schema.
An initial value doesn't constrain or specify the object. If anything, it constrains applications that create the object, but in a rather unclear

But a schema is useful for more than "specifying the values of an object". All notions of schemas I've encountered (CPS Schemas, XML Schemas, Archetypes) use the schema to constrain or validate an existing object, yes, but also to create new objects from scratch (even in the absence of widgets). Being able to specify initial values is quite important there.

Hi Florent. FWIW, after I argued with Jim about this a bit more verbally last week, he told me that he's willing to keep 'default' around for now, and we'll argue about this again later (maybe when the schema field redesign happens).

He doesn't believe that 'initial' is a better word than 'default'. Maybe he just is saying that it is not better enough to warrant the change.

I'm leaving both the discussion and the attribute name alone for now.

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