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While the browser:page directive can take a content class for its 'for' attribute (instead of an interface), the browser:defaultView directive doesn't accept this. I tried changing the interface of the defaultView directive so it also accepts classes, but that by itself does not appear to make it work. This somewhat limits the utility of the ability to pass in classes instead of interfaces to the page directive; the point is to have a shortcut so an interface doesn't always need to be defined.

Before I dig deeper, I'd first like to know whether this would indeed be considered to be bug? If so, should I check this into trunk or also the Zope 3.1?

The intent was to deprecate the use of the defaultView directive to
specify anything but the default view name.  This decision was made
before we had a deprecation mechanism.

The recommended way to create a default view is to create a view named
"index.html", which can be done with the page directive.

If you want the default view to have a different name, then it is
recommended to use defaultView to specify that name and then use
some other view directive (e.g. page) to configure a view that has
that name.


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