On Sep 7, 2005, at 4:48 PM, Max M wrote:

Gary Poster wrote:

The use case for this tool is to allow rich view components, such as form widgets (but there are many other examples), that rely on JS and CSS to work in a more componentized, drop-in way.

While reasearching Ajax technology, I stumbled across this site:


They have developed a series of custom tags, that works cross browser. I ran their demos in both IE and Firefox.

It seems like a good way to go.

As it is a combination af xml, css and javaScript, all running in the client, it can be developed independently of Zope, and so be used in many more projects. Both zope 2+3 and other technologies.

It would probably have a better chance of survival then.

I doubt we'll agree as a community on a non-open-source platform.

Even if it were, backbase is not a replacement for resourcelibrary: they serve different use cases. http://openjsan.org/ and http:// dojotoolkit.com/ are closer to being competitors. They still don't match exactly, but they are closer.

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