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Does this have anything to do with cocoon2-style pipelines and XSLT?

As you see in the PEP, yes, it could be used for such a thing.

Well, only *very* loosly.  WSGI lets you create course-grained
static pipelines.  Cocoon is much more flexible.

Additionally, Jim said today--on IRC maybe--that he also wants to have a pipeline between the request and the response within Zope 3.2 itself, so that the pipeline code there could leverage the component architecture. I'm not sure that's necessary, but it probably would be nice.

I'm not *sure* I want a pipeline.  I want *something*, mainly to support
post-processing of pages to provide things like standard look at feel,
at least in the short term.

Jim has reviewed Cocoon for these changes, and plans to again before they are complete.

Yup.  I should probably look at other similar systems (or, better, get
help from people who have). I'm extremely open to suggestions.  I hope
to brainstorm this with some folks at a sprint in Austria later this

>> He also tentatively wants lxml as a core
dependency, which has XSLT in a nice API. A number of Zope 3 developers are interested in going that direction as one possible Zope 3 approach.

I want ubiquitous XSLT and probably XPATH.  I want this at least
for testing purposes.

I also want to support what Paul likes to call the "xml programmer"
on some level.

That said, I believe the changes here are to support XSLT and other similar approaches, not to necessarily offer them out of the box.

My short-term goal is to make it easier to distribute the
logic for building pages.  In particular, I'd like to see a better
alternative to using METAL page macros for adding site look at feel
to pages.

I'm also increasingly pursuaded by arguments made by Martijn and
Paul (among many) that it might be better to push data to templates
(as is done in XSLT and ClearSilver) than to have templates pull
data (as is done in traditional templating languages, including
ZPT).  I'd like to see this as an option.  I think that this can be
done well with ZPT (as well as with other templating languages).


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