Benji York wrote:
This is what you need:
 * a machine that is always on and has connectivity
 * Subversion so you can check out the source
 * Python (2.3 or 2.4)
 * BuildBot
 * Twisted (a BuildBot dependency)

Yep, I can do all that for Win32...

Now I just need a how-to to get me going ;-)

When one of the branches you've signed up to test is updated in Subversion, your slave will check out a fresh copy and run the tests. It will then report success/failure back to the master.

Oh cool, so buildbot notices changes to a branch, checks it out, builds it, runs tests? Anything else it does?

How easy is it to script? I'd like to get it running on another project of mine?

How easy is it to have different scripts set up for different branches?
(I'd like to have Zope 2, and Zope 2 + CMF, etc)

If it's running tests, how come we see no dots?

I plan on writing up a complete HOWTO in the next couple of days. If you want you can be the first vic^H^H^Htester.

Slaves? Victims? Hmmm, buildbot appears to be a very kinky bot :-P



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