Hi Paul!

I just read:

I think that you mentionned it in a previous mail on z3lab and now I
think that I understand what you meant, my impression is that cpsskins
can be used to generate the "themes" that you are mentionning. Indeed I
don't think that there is any conflict or overlap in the two approaches.
If all that is needed is a page with unique ids corresponding to slots,
then cpsskins slots have:

1) a slot identifier (unique inside a same diplayed page, but that can
be shared between different pages). This corresponds to the "main",
"left" names used in CMF.

2) a 100% unique id inside the theme (that is used to manipulate the
slot in the DOM tree representation)

the ids you are describing in your implementation seem to be the ones in
1) ?

I think that the concept of "slot" is open for many strategies when it
comes to being filled with content. We have already identified during
the course of the discussions on the z3lab/zope3 lists two ways of
filling a slot:

- by perspective
- by folder

there is also the "push" method that you are describing in your
proposal, which seems to be close to the fill-slot method used in ZPT
except that there is a better dissociation between the part that
"receives" the content and the part that pushes the content.

there are probably other methods too depending on the application.

best regards
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