Thomas Lotze wrote:
I can provide cycles on a Debian machine as well, it's a "testing"
installation kept more-or-less current.

That'd be great. When you're ready install BuildBot from It requires Twisted which requires (and includes a release of) ZopeInterface. Once you have those installed read (the attached) POST-INSTALL.txt for what to do next (emailing me or the list with questions/suggestions).
Benji York
Senior Software Engineer
Zope Corporation
You now need to set up one or more buildbot slave directories using the
buildbot batch file.  The "buildbot" (no extention) file should be located
in the "Scripts" directory of your Python install.  An example invocation
would look something like this (watch for very long lines):

MY_SLAVE_DIR ....... The directory name in which slave data will be stored
MY_SLAVE_NAME ...... The name you chose for your slave in coordination
                     with the maintainer.
MY_SLAVE_PASSWORD .. The password for your slave (also given to the

The maintainer will also need to know what software you
wish to test (including trunk/branch), where your Python executable is
located (or just its name if it is on the path), and what operating system
the slave will be running on.

mkdir \zope3-slaves
cd \zope3-slaves
c:\python24\python.exe c:\python24\Scripts\buildbot slave --usepty=0 
c:\python24\python.exe c:\python24\Scripts\buildbot start MY_SLAVE_DIR

Now cd to MY_SLAVE_DIR\info and edit the "admin" and "host" files.
Once you have verified that your slave is functioning properly, you may
want to put the command to start it in Start/Programs/Startup replacing
python.exe with pythonw.exe (note the "w") so it will run when logged-in
and be invisible.
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