Hey Z3ECMers,

I've just put the 'hurry' extension library for Zope 3.1 in the Zope 3 base. For commentary on what it's all about, see my blog entry:


In brief, it contains the higher level query language I talked about before, an advanced file widget, and a workflow engine.

I imagine the file widget and query language are probably lower level than what the ECM project is all about, though that doesn't make them less useful. The little workflow engine we wrote because we were in a hurry to use one; we're not aiming to compete with full-blown ones that are being worked on. It may be useful for people though in applications that don't need the power a larger workflow system brings, and may this way avoid some of the complexities.

Code is here:


So as not to spread out discussion over too many forums, I think for now the best forum to discuss the hurry library is zope3-dev. (or zope3-users).

Have fun!


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