On Thursday 01 September 2005 10:20, nagendra kumar wrote:
>         I have a method which is working well in zope3.0 but its not
> working well in Zope3.1 c2 version. I am new to zope3 framework.I think
> services have no support in zope3.1.what do i need to do to make it work. I
> think i have to use either adpaters or utilities for this task. Somebody
> please send me a cod snippet to make it work.

Mmh, while you are right that services are gone, this call should still work. 
What is the traceback you get?

To fix it, simply lookup a utility:

pluggableauth = zope.getUtility(zope.app.security.interfaces.IAuthentication)

You then have to verify that we got the authentication utility you wanted as 

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