Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
(Note that the point of finding translations for technical terms is not
only for the sake of a translated Zope 3 UI. It's more about how people
understand technical terms. I think most Zope 3 developers aren't native
English speakers and they do not necessarily think in English. So, good
words that have good native translations help the understanding process
on their end. That is not only important for _learning_ a concept, but
also for _explaining_ it. As a book author, I know what I'm talking
about... :))

The word "principal" has always bugged me because:

1) I can't recall ever seeing anyone get confused about the word "user". In conventional usage, the word "user" gained the general meaning intended by "principal" long ago. Technologists already understand perfectly well that a user isn't always a person.

2) It's a new word for nearly all technologists (excepting security gurus, perhaps.)

3) Philosophically, it's impossible for Zope to know whether there's really a person on the other end. Thus what Zope calls a user is sometimes really only a principal.

4) It's one of the more difficult words to spell correctly, being a homonym with principle.

Now you've added a fifth reason to drop the word principal, and IMHO it's an excellent one.

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