[Tim Peters]
>> BTW, Microsoft no longer sells VC6.
[Chris Withers]
> Indeed, this was my understanding...
> Nevertheless, does anyone know how to legally get hold of these?
> (Hmmm... I work in amoungst a horde of MS developers here, maybe one of
> them will know...)

Go to


and enter

    visual studio 6

in the search box.  Pay attention to the text ads you get back after
you hit ENTER.

>>>> Also, how can I build both 2.3 and 2.4 stuff on one machine?

>> I do this routinely on my boxes, but I don't know anything about the
>> build-bot environment (which would have to be strange indeed to
>> prevent building 2.3 and 2.4 versions on the same box).

> Well, how would I do it manually?

How would you do what manually?  Install all the versions of Python
you care about on Windows, and build Zope using the version of Python
you want to test with.  For example,

    \Python23\python setup.py build_ext -i install_data --install-dir .
    \Python23\python test.py -v

from the root of a Zope3 checkout, to test Zope3 with Python 2.3.5,
assuming you installed the latest release in the Python 2.3 line and
accepted the default installation directory.  Use the path to a
different Python if you want to use a different Python.
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