Dear All,

zope.server.serverchannelbase.received requires preq, an IStreamConsumer, to have a boolean attribute named `empty' that is not mentioned in the interface. A patch against the trunk (rev 38459) is attached, which adds this attribute to the interface.


Chad Whitacre

P.S. I tried to file this as a bug+solution in the Z3d Issue Collector, but when I submitted the "New Issue" form, I was given a login screen. After several login attempts, I went through the "forgotten password" process, but never received an email. The only other thing I can think of is that my email address on record is bad, but I don't know how to verify or fix that.

Index: src/zope/server/interfaces/
--- src/zope/server/interfaces/      (revision 38459)
+++ src/zope/server/interfaces/      (working copy)
@@ -195,7 +195,10 @@
     completed = Attribute(
         'completed', 'Set to a true value when finished consuming data.')

+    empty = Attribute(
+        'empty', 'Set if no request was made.')

 class IServer(Interface):
     """This interface describes the basic base server.

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