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Paul Everitt wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:
Consider the headings under "Need for page-composition support", "Pipelines", "Transitive Adaptation", and the subset described under "Subscription". It might be possible to also do these inside a WSGI Twisted in Zope 3.2, for example. It might also be possible to do these in mod_python. They all depend on whether "Publication Post-Processing" should be able to access content *beyond* what enters the publication process.

I'm not sure what you are getting at here.

We need a definition what we mean with pipelines. I understand them with a unix-background, where elements of a pipeline are working on the result of the earlier elements. This is data driven, so a pipeline element does only get the information in the data plus some parameters. Paul probably means the reaching back of the pipeline elements in the application-server context. For example are the pipeline elements be called by a controller, which additionally holds the context of the object in the application space.

In contrast the elements could purly be data driven, working on xml- data and nothing else. This looks more defined and is probably be simpler, but I see and fear that then parameter stuff is encoded in the xml-data to steer some transformations later in the pipeline.


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