Garrett Smith wrote:
My point is that if rich widgets are the *only* driver here, the
solution below is a better fit with the existing widgets

Passably, but there *are* use cases other than widgets, which the proposal tries to address.

If there's a new pattern afoot (pipelining?), I hope we get a chance
to discuss it. If I've just missed the discussion (quite possible),
I'll wait for the RC.

Jim posted some food for though, but "pipelining" is tangential to this discussion. The only relation is that once there is a better way to manipulate the results of publication the "hacky" parts of the current implementation of resource library will get cleaner. That's all.

FWIW, we would not be able to use this new scheme exclusively as some
of our IHeadContent providers provide more than file includes. E.g.
we have a menu component that dynamically builds JavaScript and
includes it directly in the HEAD.

That is a different, but related, problem that should probably be addressed separately.
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