On Friday, September 16, 2005 5:17 PM, Benji York wrote:

> Jim posted some food for though, but "pipelining" is
> tangential to this
> discussion.  The only relation is that once there is a better way to
> manipulate the results of publication the "hacky" parts of
> the current
> implementation of resource library will get cleaner.  That's all.

I guess until a fuller design emerges, I'll just feel uncomfortable with the 

>> FWIW, we would not be able to use this new scheme exclusively as some
>> of our IHeadContent providers provide more than file includes. E.g.
>> we have a menu component that dynamically builds JavaScript and
>> includes it directly in the HEAD.
> That is a different, but related, problem that should probably be
> addressed separately.

How is this different?

 -- Garrett
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