On 9/19/05, Thomas Lotze <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I fiddled a bit with TAL, METAL and TALES without page templates, using
> TALGenerator (from zope.tal.talgenerator) and TALInterpreter (from
> zope.tal.talinterpreter) directly. Something puzzles me about the engine
> related parameter the __init__ method of either expects.

There's, unfortunately, a bit of history here.  I'm fairly certain
that at one point we had these two interfaces implemented as a single
object, which would keep that bit of code happy.  There's no good
reason to require that, though.

> What would be a reasonable fix for this?

My own preference would be to remove strictinsert completely, and
revise the code so the strictinsert=False is the only behavior.  There
was a lot of discussion about what actually made sense some time ago,
and nobody seemed to have a use-case that required it.

Do you have a use-case for strictinsert=True, or was this just an
implementation wart you ran into?


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