[Benji York]
> I think it's because your existing instance has the ZCML slug for
> pagelets in your package-includes directory.  Remove and rebuild your
> instance (which is what buildbot does) and I bet it'll work.

It's funny how much that resembles English ;-)

I'm quite sure I've never removed or rebuilt "my instance" knowingly
before, and I'm not sure what it means.  Something that worked was to
delete every file reachable from zopeskel/ that wasn't under SVN
control, and start over.  Maybe that's what the Makefile's `clean`
target does (in part):

    rm -f zopeskel/etc/package-includes/*.zcml

Anyway, the Zope3 tests pass on Windows w/ the Python 2.4.2 candidate
code.  If someone wants to try this on Linux, the code  is on Python
CVS's release24-maint branch.
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