On 9/27/05, Gary Poster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi.  Kevin (cc'd, along with the person whom I believe filed the
> original bug) asked me to look at collector issue 438.  Here are a
> few thoughts and observations.

Ok, this made me look at the collector issue again, since
partialAnnotatableAdapterFactory is my fault.

> My first guess, then, is that the factory generated by
> annotatableadapter.partialAnnotatableAdapterFactory is not the class
> that is instantiated.  I don't know that code: maybe I'm wrong.  But,
> generally, the missing link that needs to be filled is getting the
> security settings on the object generated by the
> partialAnnotatbleAdapterFactory.  The zcml is trying to do that, I
> see, but it's not working.

I've followed up in the collector; I think we're missing information
about the content object itself, and I've attempted to clarify there
what appears to be happening.  Your diagnosis remains a possibility,
though I'm hoping it's unlikely.


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