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> [Tim Peters, on MS compilers]
> >> As a result, nobody uses Standard editions for serious development.
> >> The lowest (cheapest) level at which they include an optimizing
> >> compiler is usually named the Professional edition.
> [Chris Withers]
> > Urg, can you provide just a link to a product name for the 6.0 and 7.0
> > versions?
> Sorry, I don't have spare time to search for you.


to put some more confusion on this topic...

Microsoft also provides something it calls "MSDN Subscriptions"

These are kits containing all sorts of software you need for
developing for Windows.
(what "all sorts" means depends on the level you choose)

see here for information:


They change packing/contents every now and then, but I believe the
Professional, Enterprise and Universal offerings include Visual Studio
(Professional or better).

This may be more economic than buying both products.

Of course this may be difficult to compare, since the subscription
model builds on an initial and annual fee, whereas boxed products have
a single price tag.


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