> I tested gadly adapter then I got ForbiddenAttribute error.
> I think it may needs additional configuration to gadflyda.zcml.

If you are using the UI grant tool to specify permissions for your principal, the problem is that ZopeConnection and ZopeCursor are not locatable objects and access is uncoditionally denied.
There was a thread on that recently, plus a submission to the bug collector.

One possible workaround is to set ZopeConnection and ZopeCursor to the zope.Public permission in zope/app/rdb/configure.zcml, which is a potential security risk (not a big one - if you are carefull with the objects, which create and use connections and cursors, there is no danger), also you will need to change the gadfly configuration to require something different than 'like ZopeConnection' (the database adapter is locatable). The other way around is to patch zope.app.rdb code, make IZopeConnection and IZopeCursor interfaces inherit ILocation, then provide proper __name__ and __parent__ attributes to ZopeConnection and ZopeCursor objects at creation time - this is enough to make them locatable.

The same may apply to Row and ResultSet helper classes too.

Velko Ivanov
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