On 9/28/05, Ian Bicking <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'd like to create a package of just ZPT.  I found these instructions
> (from: http://archives.free.net.ph/message/20050421.065130.bce4f2a1.en.html)

Ok, here's how to build a ZPT distribution from the Zope 3 trunk:

1. Check out Zope 3.
2. "cd" to the top-level directory of the checkout.
3. Run "zpkg -C releases/ZPT.cfg -vSOMEVERSION".

This will create ZPT-SOMEVERSION.tgz in the current directory.

I'm planning to make a ZPT release based on the Zope 3.1.0 sources
when the final release is done.


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