On Sep 30, 2005, at 2:25 PM, Fred Drake wrote:

The last time we discussed the zcml:condition attribute for ZCML, we
decided that there should be a general registry of feature names that
should be checked when defining a new feature name.  I think that I
suggested a page in the Zope 3 wiki as the registry.

A generally accessible web page has some advantages--it is easy to read, and usable even if you don't have the most recent version of the software, for instance. It has some problems too.

The biggest problem is that the registry is not maintained or found within the source code: you have to look elsewhere to get the current state, even when you are working in the code, and you also have to go someplace else to edit it. Another is that our web site is sadly not in shape to be a good tool: using a wiki is always a bit annoying, and especially so at zope.org these days.

I propose that we actually store the registry in the Zope code, probably in the package that defines the 'condition' attribute. We even get a bit of web presence, thanks to svn.zope.org, for free.

A point that lands in either camp, depending on your position, is that the wiki only requires site membership to edit, while the repository approach gates it to contributers.

For what it's worth, I'd further say other shared 'virtual registry' type uses that spring up should use a similar pattern.

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